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Maker Faire 2018

Maker Faire is a fantastic educational event held annually at the Life Science Centre in Newcastle, UK. At their 2018 event we gave a presentation on Recreating Evolution for Artificial Life, exploring topics such as:

  • Life Swarms: Have you ever wondered why some naturally occurring systems act in unexpected ways, flocking and swarming to produce large-scale behaviours that are not predictable from the sum of their parts?
  • Emergence: Does primitive life arise at the edge of chaos? Are minds emergent properties of complex neural systems? Where does "instinctive reaction" give way to "conscious thought"?
  • Evolving Life: How do small changes in genomes accumulate down the generations to define the intricate forms of plants and animals? how do predators evolve to hunt in packs and prey evolves to hide in herds?
  • Artificial Life meets AI: At what point do minds need to stop reacting and start planning?